A complete mechanical workshop – We can be your local Swedish partner! 

With 120 years of  history at the shore of Ångermanälven we can help you with local manufacturing for your projects in Sweden. We offer laser cutting, welding, machining and painting. We are a complete mechanical workshop.

No job is too big for Hamek Verkstad! 

  • Machining; bed mill, boring machine and lathing 
  • Laser cutting, black steel up to 20mm thickness
  • Laser cutting, stainless steel up to 10mm thickness
  • Welding 
  • Painting
  • Steel blasting 
  • Bending



Contact our CEO, Hans Persson 

Tel: +46 (0)612-71 75 92

Mob: +46 (0)735-70 35 50
Mail: hans@hamekverkstad.se


Hamek Verkstad AB
Strandvägen 62
870 52 NYLAND 
Tel: +46 (0)612- 71 75 90
Mail: info@hamekverkstad.se